Musings of a young black weirdo

I have 4 different siblings and idk which one to write to. I guess I could write to my little sister…


It’s crazy that you’re 16 and about to be grown. I remember when you were 3 with a snotty nose and a little baggie full of Teddy Grahams, but now you’re almost an adult. And I’m scared for you. You’re a little too gullible and naive for the world. I love that you’re so wide-eyed and optimistic, and I don’t want to take that from you. But one day you’re gonna have to wake up and discover that the world isn’t all Hello Kitty and cute little puppies. I guess what I’m saying is enjoy your high school years because life hits you upside the head before you realize it, and there’s no reason to rush it. Don’t do anything you’re not ready for, but make mistakes and get messy! [Haha, I think I stole that from the Magic School Bus…] Life is meant to be enjoyed from somewhere other than the couch. I’m interested in seeing how the rest of your life unfolds and what you end up doing with it! Love you! 🙂


Your big sissy 🙂


Comments on: "Day 4–Letter to my sibling" (1)

  1. awwww…kristen is so blessed to have such a great big sis like you !

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