Musings of a young black weirdo

Day 5–Letter to my dreams

This was a really weird letter to write, and I’m not sure it makes sense. But I don’t like to proofread my own stuff, so here it is. lol

Dear dreams,

I’m gonna try my hardest to make you come true. You’re really big and broad, but I believe that with enough hard work and optimism, anything can happen. I want to nurture you until you grow to be big and strong, then we can make you come true one day at a time. I promise this college thing is gonna be worth it one day. We’ll be able to look back and say “ya did good, kid” and hopefully all this education can be a part of the reason why we accomplished what we did. Maybe somewhere down the line, we’ll find someone to join us on our journey to change the world, but if not, oh well. We don’t like group work anyways. lol. I promise that every day, I’ll work a little more to make you come true.


Me 🙂


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