Musings of a young black weirdo

We walk past a stranger and don’t know her name
We walk past a friend and don’t know his voice
He screams, begging for love, and we walk past
She cries, reaching for an embrace, and we sit idly by

Pain is etched in his heart like engraved glass
Love slowly seeps out of her and drips out onto the pavement
As she is hurt over and over and over again
But we walk away because we see through glass darkly.

Cries for help go unnoticed
Because we don’t want to hear
The pain in her voice, the struggle in his song
So we don’t have to face the truth

We refuse to see her shattered spirit
His soul crushed by the world
Because even when the glass is broken,
We see through glass darkly.

So consumed in the world
That we forget to see the suffering in his body
The pain in her heart
And the tears in their eyes

But even in the eyes of someone else,
We see through glass darkly.


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