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It’s funny how a song can put you in a mood that you don’t want to be in. I can be perfectly happy, and Pandora can play a song that makes me think about people that I don’t want to think about. Or I can be in a funk and the right song can make me remember a funny moment or a night I’ll never forget. The words of a song coupled with good vocals and a hypnotizing melody can make you feel emotions that you forgot existed. That’s why I don’t understand why people can listen to foolishness like Waka Flocka or Flo Rida [do people still listen to him?!]. I can understand listening to stuff like this at parties and stuff, but on a daily basis?! Like, really?! I feel like my brain cells are dying whenever I listen to stuff like that :/

Whatever happened to good black music, like jazz, blues, soul, funk, etc.? When did we move from socially conscious hip-hop chronicling our daily lives and struggles as black people in America to talking about sex and cars? As a culture, we used to be a lot more discerning when it came to entertainment. 50 years ago, Waka would have never been successful. It’s funny to me that people like Ledisi and Marsha Ambrosius have to work so hard to get their music out to the masses, but white people start capitalizing on a once-organic artform and we see shit like Roscoe Dash. Lately though, I’ve seen a “socially conscious” trend emerge; we’ve started listening to artists with substance lately (Wale, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Jay-Z on a good day) and rejecting the foolishness. Hopefully the foolishness will slowly begin to die out and we’ll get back to only supporting artists and labels that put out real music.


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  1. trureport said:

    ironically I was thinking the same thing as I was in my afam class. The people that listen to waka and young jeezey (the point is rappers that talk about the same thing, money hoes weed, etc) dont really live that life. They’re struggling just like the rest of us, but refuse to believe it. *shrug* ignorance is like a cold, and its spreading fast

    • agreed. ignorance is bliss, and i slick don’t blame ppl for acting like they don’t care about life. the burden is too big for a lot of ppl.

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