Musings of a young black weirdo

Get uncomfortable.

Why is it that we focus on what’s easy to obtain over what’s difficult? Since when has “easy” been better than “hard”? Whatever happened to being proud of a conquest? There’s no pride in catching roadkill over a giant deer. There’s nothing to be excited about when you get an A in PE class as opposed to an A in organic chemistry. Why is it that people have gone against their natural instinct to hunt just so they can go for what’s right in front of them?

I think it’s part of being in the ME generation. We are used to and expect people to give us everything we want, and when they don’t, we get discouraged. We aim way lower than we know we’re capable of so that our self-esteem is not in danger of being bruised.

It’s so easy for us to continue doing what’s comfortable and easy because we’re used to it. We can stay in the exact same place and not have to worry about failure, getting hurt, or being vulnerable. We don’t have to challenge ourselves. But if we never challenge ourselves, we will never grow. We will never be able to look back and realize how far we have come. Challenge is uncomfortable and scary, but it’s completely necessary if we want to continue to survive.

A lot of challenges in life involve you taking control of your life and not just “allowing” things to happen to you. Sometimes, a challenge can be as simple as getting more sleep, eating a little better, or taking more pride in your appearance. All these things will result in you taking better care of yourself, but they’re challenging because they call for you to begin a new habit. Other times, though, challenging yourself involves taking initiative at work, at school, or in your personal life. Do you want more money? Pick up more hours, ask for a raise, or get a second job. All these things are scary because they challenge our current lifestyles. They change our perception of life and the world around us. They keep us from staying comfortable.

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  1. Good stuff Kayla. I agree 100%. I guess thats why old folklore says its lonely at the top. Or perhaps why the book of Matthew tells us that the road leading to life is narrow and only a few find it. Keep on keeping on. -E

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