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Emotional Rollercoaster

Getting over an ex is tough. Especially when you thought you were over that person. You’re just going along with your day, living your life, listening to Pandora, and the when next song comes on, it’s that song. Your song. You hear the intro or the first line, and your mind wanders back to a year (or two or three…) ago, when you were happy with X and you heard this song the first time you kissed. Or on your first date. Or on your anniversary. A part of you wants to turn the song off, but another part of you wants to relive that part of your life for the next 3 minutes and 42 seconds. So you do. Then you spend all day reliving memories and come to the realization that you’re not completely over that person.

Emotional ties are the ties that bind. (I may or may not have just made that quotation up. Sorry if I plagiarized you.) You may have gotten to the point where you can go a whole week or two without thinking about that person at all, but one sound, picture, video, smell (smell is closely tied to memory!), article of clothing, or place can cause allllll those feelings to pop back up. Then you’re stuck with bittersweet memories you would rather forget swimming around your head for the rest of the day. And all you can do is deal with them.

I wish I knew the quickest and easiest way to get over someone. If I did, I would use it myself. *drops mic and walks off stage*